A story among the olive trees

The story that ties the De Vincentiis family to extra virgin olive oil was born in 1921.

The birth in 1921

Four generations and 100 years of experience have given rise to several products and different formats,  overthe years the company has dedicated a line to the large-scale distribution channel, maintaining the quality of its products unaltered. Nowadays we operate in the largest brands throughout Italy.

Our olive trees

Our olive trees grow in an uncontaminated environment on the Abruzzo hills around one of the most beautiful towns in Italy: Città Sant’Angelo. The peculiarity of our oil is defined by the particular position, on the lower slope of the Gran Sasso ( the highest peak of the Appennini )  and a few kilometers from the sea, and by the methods of harvesting and pressing (cold pressing ) which preserve its organoleptic properties and give the oil a fruity aroma.



years of passion


In recent years, important product and communication innovations have accompanied the life of our company. The classic extra virgin olive oil is surrounded by a production of several different oils for taste and perfume: limited productions, citrus oils, spices and collaborations with other companies. Bottles and cans “are dressed” in new, more elegant and modern clothes..

details that make the difference